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With the use of local anesthesia only (numbing solutions injection) the mini procedures can be safely performed in the office without pills, IV's or hospital. Because the minis are limited in scope, there are usually limited incisions with limited bruising, swelling, recovery, and limited downtime. Patients are able to shower, drive, and resume most normal activities the following day. These procedures have become widely popular for both healthy men and women of all ages. Our adjoining hospital outpatient surgery unit is also available for those patients desiring additional anesthesia.

Mini-Face (Bandaid Mini-Facelift)
This procedure improves the sagging jowls and jaw line with removal of excess skin and fat, along with tightening of the muscle covering (SMAS layer). After complete numbing with local anesthesia solution injections, the incision is placed in the natural crease of the ear. The mini facelift is often combined with the other "mini" procedures (i.e. mini cheek, neck, eyelid and or brow procedures) to address all areas of patient concern. For "beginners", and those who've already had previous facelifts, the mini facelift is an excellent choice to create a more youthful appearance. Thus maintaince and upkeep can be achieved in an "un-extreme" fashion.

Usually, the mini-cheek lift is performed in combination with the mini-facelift to achieve improvement in the midface area. Through the same mini-facelift incision, the mini-cheek procedure removes skin excess and tightens muscle cover (SMAS layer) to accentuate and define the cheekbones.

The mini-neck lift can also be combined with the mini-facelift/mini-cheeklift procedures to provide a more youthful appearance. A small incision is made under the chin, where sculpting of fat by mini-liposuction as well as some skin removal can achieve a more youthful neck contour. When muscle "bands" are noticeable, additional work is necessary to further improve neck contour.

To improve the lateral droop of the eyebrow, a mini brow lift is performed to reposition the dropping brow. Hidden incisions are made either at or behind the lateral hairline depending on patient preferences, again to provide a more youthful and rested appearance.

For the mini eye lift a "hidden" lower eyelid incision is made from inside the lower eyelid to sculpt and reduce fatty bulges (bags). This procedure is often combined with simultaneous laser lower eyelid skin surface treatment to further reduce discoloration and fine lines. Upper eyelid skin/fat improvement is addressed through an incision in the natural upper eyelid crease. The upper eyelid must be evaluated along with the forehead to determine whether lateral forehead drooping is also present. If so, a mini brow lift may also be recommended to further create a more youthful appearance. An additional procedure (“canthopexy”) through the upper eyelid incision can also improve the drooping, aging lower eyelid appearance.

A number of diet and exercise resistant body areas can safely and successfully be improved with body mini-liposuction. Only local anesthesia (numbing solution injections) is used without pills, IVs or hospital. With mini incisions and small canulas, the neck, breast, arms, flanks, tummy, hips, thighs, knees and calves are areas that can be improved with mini liposuction. The patient usually has minimal discomfort and is encouraged to resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Mini Tummy-Tuck
Whether an adverse scar from prior c-section, or lower tummy "pouch" (below the belly button) of fat and skin, a mini tummy tuck procedure can be safely performed in the office with local anesthesia (numbing solution injections) only. This entails removing skin, and tightening lower abdominal muscle below the belly button, usually through a smaller incision than a full tummy tuck. Often, a mini liposuction procedure can be performed to further sculpt the lower abdominal area.

*** Our adjoining hospital outpatient surgery unit is also available for those patients desiring additional anesthesia***

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