South Africa’s “Plastic Surgery Safari”

South Africa is known for many things – from its beautiful landscapes to political issues. With great doctors and better prices, the African country can now add plastic surgery to that list. Because of the growth experienced by some African countries’ economies, there has been a marked resurgence of local Africans flocking to South Africa for elective surgeries. These countries include Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and others.

South Africa has the 5th highest per capita income in Africa, and many of its wealthy citizens are spending more on cosmetic procedures. CNN quoted Dr. Chetan Patel, a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon at Johannesburg’s private Mediclinic, on just how specific their clients’ requests are: “For instance, they would come to me and say ‘I would like Jennifer Lopez’s butt’ or ‘I would like to look like Kim Kardashian,’ and the obvious body features of those two individuals are curvaceous hips and thighs with an augmented or accentuated buttock.”

But it isn’t just Africans who are taking advantage of the South African plastic surgery industry – CNN mentions a UK woman who flew to South Africa for her own plastic surgery safari after a bad experience in her native Surrey. Lorraine Melvill, owner of “Surgeon and Safari” regularly books clients from all over the world.

Changes in the plastic surgery combined with economical factors always make for fascinating shifts and trends. Although the US economy is still in recovery, many people have seen growth in their expendable income, and many have chosen to invest in their appearance. Dr. Barr of Palm Beach Plastic Surgery performs all of the most popular cosmetic procedures, including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, mini surgeries and more. For more information, contact us today.

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