Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Success Stories

reconstructive plastic surgery

Photo: HuffPost UK

Plastic surgery often gets a bad rap, but it has some unbelievable success stories that prove it can truly work miracles. The Huffington Post, UK Edition recently discussed some of these amazing feats, touching on the stem cell surgery that “allowed Katie Piper to partially regain her sight after being blinded by an acid attack” and the “cranial reconstructive surgery for Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by the Taliban.”

Reconstructive plastic surgery can help improve debilitating illnesses, injuries and even birth defects. It’s easy to recall the story of British model, Katie Piper, who was left partially blinded in her left eye following an attack by her ex-partner, who threw sulfuric acid in her face. In November 2011, Piper underwent stem cell treatment after finding eye specialist Dr. Sheraz Daya. The surgery destroyed all of the abnormal cells, while donor cells continue to stimulate her healthy cells, allowing them to multiply.

Another inspiring story of plastic surgery success comes from schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai. After being shot in the head by the Taliban, Yousafzai has undergone several intensive surgeries. She is scheduled to receive reconstructive plastic surgery as well, and doctors are highly pleased with her progress so far.

Click here to view Huffington Post UK’s slideshow of some of the most impressive recent plastic surgery miracles. Dr. Barr, a board-certified plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach, has performed many reconstructive plastic surgery procedures over the past two decades, maintaining a flawless track record. Palm Beach Plastic Surgery is your center for nasal reconstruction, cleft lip repair, breast reconstruction, hand reconstruction and more. To schedule a consultation, call (561) 833-4122 today.

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