Project Beauty: The One-Stop Health & Beauty Site

There are a few noteworthy plastic surgery information sites that encourage real doctors and patients alike to discuss different procedures and treatments in an open forum. is a popular website where many prospective plastic surgery patients go to read about other people’s experiences, and to ask cosmetic surgeons questions about procedures they are considering. However, only one is backed by one of the leading medical authorities in beauty – The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. And it has even more to offer than the latest plastic surgery news.

After two years of extensive market research and testing, Project Beauty was created with the goal of becoming THE beauty site for all consumers interested in self-improvement. Although there are countless sites dedicated to beauty, health, style and more, there isn’t one definitive source for all things beauty that is “vetted through the leading authorities in their fields, that presents only safe and effective options and answers to 2,200 board-certified plastic surgeons,” says the Project Beauty website. The purpose of Project Beauty is to cut through the clutter to answer your most pressing questions about which treatments work, what the experience is like, how to know if it’s all just marketing hype and more.

The best part of Project Beauty is that it is more than just a plastic surgery website. Although it was created by the world’s leading medical society for cosmetic surgery, there are no doctors featured on the site and physicians do not receive compensation. The site draws from experts in fashion, beauty, health and more. From Steven Rice of Samuel Shriqui Salon, to Lisa Young, Ph.D., R.D., C.D.N., a nationally recognized nutrition consultant who has counseled adults and children for over 15 years, Project Beauty aims to provide community members and the public with real and accurate information.

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