Plastic Surgery Over Age 65: The Trends

When it comes to getting plastic surgery trends, we tend to focus on the 18 to 49 age group; but that doesn’t mean women and men over the age of 65 aren’t seeing their surgeon for a nip and tuck at growing rates. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), plastic surgery for those age 65 and older has increased by almost 80 percent in the last 10 years.

Check out some of the stats on the cosmetic procedures retirees (and non-retirees) are scheduling with this fascinating infographic from the ASAPS:

Plastic Surgery Over 65











As you can see, the 65 and over age group makes up 8.3 percent of the total surgical and non-surgical procedures by any age group, trailing 19 to 34 by 11.2 percent. We were a bit surprised to learn that breast augmentation is the most popular surgery for women this age, but were less shocked that overall, cosmetic procedures for this group has risen 79 percent from 2001 to 2011 to more than 760,000 procedures. We also agree that “60 is the new 50,” and recognize that those in the 51 to 64 age bracket want to look their best to maintain their competitive edge in the workplace. It’s no wonder 59.3 percent of the 105,686 facelift procedures performed in 2011 were on people 65 and older.

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