Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Backward Buttock Implant Video

A shocking video has recently been making the rounds, starring a young woman moving a silicone buttock implant around under her skin while commenting about how it couldn’t be normal. Well, it most certainly isn’t.

The video, which Maggie Fox of NBC News describes as “stomach churning,” is just one example one of thousands of unfortunate incidents of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. Since American society has begun to favor curvier backsides like Jennifer Lopez’s and Kim Kardashian’s, the demand for procedures to enhance the buttocks has risen dramatically.

The implant is shaped like a real buttock implant. However, “if it’s not performed almost perfectly, you could have major problems,” said Dr. Youn, a Michigan-based plastic surgeon. The increase in demand for this surgery is almost inevitably followed by plastic-surgery-gone-horribly-wrong cases. For those who can’t afford the pricey procedure, they turn to unscrupulous doctors, or, even worse, inject substances like silicone into their bodies by themselves.

This YouTube video shows an unidentified young women who appears to have had a buttock implant incorrectly inserted. Please note graphic nature of the video and comments that follow on the website.

This epidemic is so serious, it can and has resulted in death many times over. “In Feb. 2011, a 20-year-old British woman died in Philadelphia after getting a bargain-basement buttock enhancement procedure in her hotel room. Just weeks before, 36-year-old Whalesca Castillo was arrested for operating without a license and injecting women’s breasts and buttocks with liquid silicone from her home in the Bronx. She was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty this past June.” The instances of uncertified surgeons preying on desperate patients are seemingly endless, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has a long list of such incidents.

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