New Study Ties Plastic Surgery to Higher Self-Esteem

The number of people requesting nips and tucks has risen steadily over the years, as new technology continues to develop and the stigma of cosmetic surgery gradually wears off. People go under the knife for any number of reasons, from correcting or improving a condition to wanting to feel better about their appearance in general. Recently, a study was published that suggests there might be a new reason to opt for plastic surgery – a little mood boost.

Report findings published in Clinical Psychological Science show that plastic surgery patients can experience more joy in life, a higher sense of satisfaction and higher self-esteem. The study examined nearly 550 first-time patients and more than 260 people who had always wanted cosmetic surgery, but ultimately decided not to undergo their chosen procedure. These two groups were compared to over 1,000 people who have never been interested in plastic surgery, and found that there were no differences between the two in terms of mental health and overall life satisfaction.

Researchers administered psychological questionnaires to patients before surgery, as well as three, six and twelve months after the procedure. When compared to the questionnaire answers of those who had not undergone plastic surgery, those who went under the knife reported greater self-esteem, less anxiety and felt healthier overall. Cosmetic surgery patients also reported being happier with their bodies as a whole, not only the area on which they had work done.

The general improvement in self-esteem and overall happiness could very well be a reason a growing number of people are opting for cosmetic surgery. If you’re considering plastic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Barr of Palm Beach Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Barr is a board-certified plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach who performs facelifts, breast augmentations, liposuction and other popular forms of cosmetic surgery. Call to schedule your consultation today at (561) 833-4122.

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